Thursday, 29 June 2017

Motivational Trainer

Never to say No -where to say YES

                          One of the major differences between successful people and the mediocre one is, the successful people will never hesitate to say ‘yes’ where they must say so and the mediocre people will never fail to say YES where they should say NO.

We can find many blamers and complainers around us. Most of them are worried about the opportunities. They deeply believe in adversities than possibilities. They try to re-invent the reasons to fail than the way to success. 

Remember, this world is a land of opportunities and possibilities. It knocks us many times with or without noise. This universe is generous enough to show us the yellow alerts of possibilities and adversities but unfortunately only people with right attitude will be able to see those possibilities and at the same time others will be experiencing the adversities.

It is not because of the absence of possibilities we face adversities but due to our delay in responding to them. We might have missed many opportunities due to our obstinacy, ignorance, influence of bad associations and poor perception.

Forget not to remember- Every change in life is the product of innovative thoughts of self or others. Innovation is the key to success and those who say No to them will hardly enjoy any success in their life.

Our willingness to changes can open great many possibilities and opportunities.