Monday, 21 August 2017

      "People normally do search for diamonds outside

             while sitting on diamond heaps"

                                                   -Saju Mathew-

                                              Possibilities in Adversities


Saturday, 19 August 2017

   "While trying to break rocks.initially there won't be 

         any cracks and chips. but there will be a moment the rock will break 

     into pieces and water may even gush out"

                                                       -Saju Mathew-

                                                   Possibilities in Adversities

Thursday, 17 August 2017


                              "Dreams lead to thoughts

                                Thoughts lead to action

     Focus oriented action in the right direction leads to success"

                                                                         -Saju Mathew-
                                                                          Possibilities in Adversities

Friday, 4 August 2017

Leadership - Makes Difference

                 Leadership - Makes Difference 

Human life is like an iron plate. Rust accumulation on it is quite natural. If we don’t remove the rust regularly, the rust will convert the iron plate into mere flakes and even the scrap sellers won’t accept them thereafter. Many people argue earnestly that their life is their own and their decisions or actions are in no way going to affect others. In fact, man being a social animal, our dreams, thinking, and actions can directly or indirectly influence others.Remember, being a responsible parent or a decision maker, your decisions are vital and it can influence lot around you. Being a decision maker, your demerits than merits can affect the organization.
                                                Dear friends, believe me, you are not different from a lighthouse which acts as a redeeming light and navigational aid for many minor and major vessels. But forget not, a lighthouse without its light, can only serve as a shelter for roving pigeons or pose a threat to low flying aircraft. keep in mind that, Person incapable of taking right decisions are not different from such abandoned lighthouses. Remember, you are being looked up to by many because they consider you, as their Ladder, Leader, and lantern. Average people do try to escape from their responsibilities. The people who are incapable of taking right decisions or who try to escape from their responsibilities are exploiters and megalomaniacs and they fetch nothing other than disgrace to their organization and society.

They are never going to be an asset to the organization but liabilities. Let your leadership skills be polished to convert yourself from a liability to an asset and you become indispensable to anyone who associates with you. Forget not to update yourself so that you won’t be outdated.

Saju Mathew
Chairman & Managing Director
Clovers Group of companies