Thursday, 1 February 2018

Possibilities In Adversities

Success or failure is decided by the level and
Effectiveness, of the controls, we maintain in our life. It
Decides our associations and dissociations. It can design
Our destiny. The controls we practice will surely influence

our choices and promises. It will decide our actions or
inactions which are the base of the gains or no gains.
One should be wise enough in imposing self-control or
accepting controls imposed by the system or their
surroundings. Our poor or nil judgment and analysis of the

situations can produce negative results as well.
Fear not to say ‘No’, where to say so. Remember - our
undesirable ‘Yes’ can have a wider negative impact later.
It is better to have self-control than the controls imposed
by the system or others.

                                 Absence of self-control allows control by others.

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