Monday, 22 January 2018

Possibilities In Adversities

To maintain interest in what we are doing, it is better to make a list of reasons to like that career rather than reasons for disliking it. Unfortunately, many are familiar

with the reasons to dislike their career and not the reasons to like it. Forget not to account the financial freedom, social recognition, self-dependency factors etc. which we receive from or through our career. We should always have the clear account of the gains in our career or life and not the losses. Because while we regard every gain in our life, it will give us more self-confidence and gradually we will believe in our capabilities. Let our career be the platform for our self-development. Consider every day is a new day of opportunities to introduce and implement new concepts and ideas. Fear not to propose your new development plans, your employers would like it because; their mentality to welcome new ideas only made them entrepreneurs.

Whether your proposals are accepted or not, doesn’t matter. You will be recognized. Today or tomorrow, you will be given opportunities because you are a ‘planner’.

                   Planning helps to attain the mind-set of ‘creators’ than

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