Thursday, 11 January 2018

Possibilities In Adversities - Taking Responsibility

Success, though it is a product of dreams, beliefs, actions and freedom from fear of failure, there are many other aspects which can also affect our progress. If you ask me, the best quality that a success seeker should possess, undoubtedly, I would say- “They should take responsibility for everything that happens in their life”.

Taking responsibility shows three things - integrity, clarity, and guts.
We can see people around us, blaming others for their mediocre state. They strongly believe that others were the cause of their failure. They blame anything and everything, including their parents, schools, teachers, social system, political climate, local administration, weather conditions, recession, religion etc. except their own attitude.
They question everyone except themselves. Blaming and complaining is their general trait. They always try to get rid of their responsibilities and attempt to put the blame on others. They hardly do their jobs but at the same time expect it from others.  They expect others to be fair to them in all aspects. They are more aware of their privileges than their duties.

While successful people take one hundred per cent responsibility for their success or failure, the mediocre one will seek an equal number of reasons to blame others for their failures. 

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