Sunday, 7 January 2018

Possibilities In Adversities

For certain mediocre people, it is very difficult to digest other’s success. It makes their life miserable and nights sleepless. They find hurdles everywhere in their life and they advise others also accordingly. They caution others from every possible attempt not because of their concern for others but due to their intolerance to other’s success.

Even though they suspect their own arguments, they still do it. They find time to share only stories of failure, and that too, in an exaggerated form. No encouragement can be expected from them, only alienation.

They even keep records of our failure more than us and don’t mind reminding us of our failure before our every new attempt. They act as our well-wishers in public and don’t mind backstabbing us in private. They folk together with like-minded to ridicule and single down hard workers.……………They share no courage but fear of failure.

To get rid of the fear of failure, learn self-appreciation and try to regard all the successes we achieved in our past. Practice ‘attitude of gratitude’ to self and others. Keep a record of all your past victory rather than the losses and find some time to review them often.

 It could be your high school achievements, first literary work, video of your best public speech, NCC medals, certificate of appreciation or any. I am sure, those laurels can boost your self-esteem and they will make your subconscious mind to believe and declare once again that you can win.

To attain what we want in our life, we need to get rid of the state of inertia. Fear of failure may tempt us to continue in the state of inertia because continuing in the state of inertia is comparatively comfortable and effortless, at least for some time. But many are unaware that

Turbulence in life is the indication of changes and without changes success becomes unimaginable.

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