Thursday, 6 July 2017

Being on Time

Being on time

Being on time, matters a lot. Whether it is success or failure, both are decided by how we utilize our time. Time plays a key role in every body’s life but many are unaware of its importance.  
Being on time attracts respect, it uncovers opportunities and it is the beginning of every success. When commitments are adhered on time it allures respect. Being on time will help us in getting noticed. Whether it is a mission or organization, an individual with punctuality will be considered than people with tardiness. Research roles are hardly assigned to the persons who don’t respect time. How someone can invest confidently on people with tardiness. Surely, they will ditch the mission. Of course, punctuality is a rare quality.  
Whether it is a mission or relationship, timely action matters a lot.  People do fail in their attempt mainly due to three reasons, not taking an action, by taking a wrong action or by taking a delayed action.                                           
If we analyse closely all the above three situations are pointing towards time management only. ie by not taking an action on time, by taking an action which was not suitable for that time or an action at a later stage.Behind every success there is a great deal of time management and remember People are not only paid for their ability but also for their time.

                                                                SAJU MATEW
                                                   MA,MBA,IDip NEBOSH, RSP, Ph.D(Hon.)

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