Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Liberal approaches hardly win liberty

                                                        "Liberal approaches hardly win liberty"
Freedom from any sort of captivity has never been a gift. It was always a result of compulsion and dedicated efforts. People are captive of various influences and dominance. Unending quest for freedom makes escape quick and possible. Certain silence leads to or is misunderstood as submission. Submission without expression of opinion is nothing but acceptance and certain acceptance in future will lead to exploitation and slavery.
Dare to speak out because your opinion may serve as an eye opener or lantern during decision making. Believe me, your silence where voice is essential, serves none but exploiters.

Mind it, neither any country nor people are superior to you in any way. The royalty they claim is nothing but your undue admiration to them. Respect and regard people but let not our respect and regard be considered as fear and ignorance.

Dare to say No, where to say so because your liberal approach will hardly bring liberty to any…….
Saju Mathew
Chairman & Managing Director
Clovers Group of companies

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