Friday, 21 July 2017

Intentions and actions

Intentions and actions  

---- It is not our intentions but actions that reveal who we are. Common people expect others to treat them well despite their unpleasant behavior or actions. 
                   The reactions and turbulence of certain actions would be beyond the expectation and the ripples created by such actions may convert itself to into raging tides in no time. 

It is essential to have control on our actions because people judge others on their actions than intentions. Common people value and respect good actions irrespective of its intention. For them a good action is more acceptable than wrong actions with good intentions. 

There are many parents who fail to convey their right intention to their wards while scolding them for their poor academic performances. Also, there are many job seekers who enquire about their new organization and its integrity through wrong channels. … Even though the intentions of both parties are right, they attract wrath than compliance, objections than supports and rejections than acceptance.
                              Majority of the common men make judgements based on what is in front of them than what really, they should consider. Let our action reflect our intention so that we receive more acceptance than rejection ……..

Saju Mathew
Chairman & Managing Director
Clovers Group of companies

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