Friday, 14 July 2017

Job security - A parasitic approach

                                            Job security - A parasitic approach 


                 .......I really feel pity on those employees who always bury their valuable time in worrying about their job security. Cases of job seekers are also not different. Most of them are in search of ‘secured jobs’. Unfortunately, they don’t realize the truth about themselves that they are just ‘shelter seekers’ and not ‘skill sellers’. In fact, there are two types of employees- ‘shelter seekers’ and ‘skill sellers’.

For shelter seekers, the term JOB means, merely Joining in Other’s Business. Since average people are more self- absorbed it would be difficult for them to contribute more to Other’s Business. Even though, they have short terms goals and don’t believe in their own capabilities they still take up their jobs and finally they become a liability to their organization than an asset.

                  Skill sellers are confident in their abilities and they try to realize their passion at each moment of their work. They hate repetition and prefer innovation. They value their talents more than their employers and those who value themselves better become indispensable to the organization........... 

Saju Mathew

Chairman & Managing Director
Clovers Group of companies



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