Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Wrong decisions

Wrong decisions

There is an old saying, “There are two ways to eliminate your enemy. Either you kill him for ever or avoid him completely”. It is difficult to remove three feelings or tendencies completely from this world, jealousy, hatred, and backstabbing. We all are victims of above feelings. Those three things are the root cause of every problem and issue in this world.

Since the difference in opinion is common and unavoidable, it would be difficult to be free from other’s enmity. It is not the absence of enmity but the way we tackle the same that brings peace. While successful people act prior to situations, mediocre people react on it.

Since every action creates reactions and reactions create further reactions, the best way to be free from the issue is to avoid certain actions which can create further reaction.
Till the above three things are there in this world, it would be difficult to eliminate something permanently from here. Today or tomorrow again the same issue will pop up that too sometimes more strongly.

A decision to eliminate something, will definitely invite reactions and such decision will serve as wrong decision for long.

People do commit mistakes because they are captives of above three tendencies. It is better to avoid them …. so that the peace of mind is not lost.

Saju Mathew
Chairman & Managing Director
Clovers Group of companies


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