Friday, 7 July 2017

Be Empathetic Than Being Sympathetic

Being sympathetic to others is always a virtuous quality and it is essential too. But unfortunately, many among us believe that their sympathy alone is more than enough to support people in trouble. Such approach is nothing but an emotion without action. Emotion without action produce no result other than tears.

Being sympathetic is easy because it demands less effort or no investment. It is very easy to be sympathetic on other’s account.
One of the major differences between the true leaders and others is, leaders tend to be more empathetic than sympathetic. They wipe the tears rather than waiting for it to dry. They never waste their time in re-inventing the reasons. They consider alternatives and solutions than getting victimised. They profess possibilities than adversities. They comply more and complain less.

Sympathisers die along with the victims and empathetic actioners become leaders and part of history.

Saju Mathew 

Chairman & Managing Director
Clovers Group of companies

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