Thursday, 28 December 2017

Possibilities In Adversities

The universe has certain plans for us. It is a fact that, sometimes our level of expectation and fore vision is not as high as that of nature. Remember, the rule of nature can never be detrimental to us.
At least some of the readers might have experienced how nature has protected them in the past, from possible massive losses and perils. Some amount of delays, denials or even rejection might have benefited them later.

For everything there is a reason.

Nature has its own way of rewarding our efforts, which may not be visible to the common man up front. Despair not when results are delayed or different from the expected. We have control only on our efforts and not on any results. Fail not to do your best because that will only make
you deserve failure. There is a saying ‘when we do our best, God will do the rest’.

Adverse situations make success seekers ‘alternative seekers’.

It makes success seekers diligent. It shows them many possibilities even in adversities. It takes them out from their comfort zone where innovations hardly exist. It will uplift them from being ‘followers’ to ‘leaders’.

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