Monday, 18 December 2017

Possibilities in Adversities

Average people believe in many things, except their dreams. What makes them suspicious of the
 accomplishment of their dreams? Comparison, wrong association, and wrong perception, makes the people doubtful about the accomplishment of their dreams. Average people always compare themselves with others. The most interesting thing is that people hardly compare their mental health with comparatively successful people around them but with their physical wealth. Mental health
contributes a lot towards the success of an individual. In fact, mental health is the only thing that ensures the longevity and sustainability of our physical wealth. Comparatively, good mental health makes people think and grow big, whereas physical wealth makes them more possessive and selfish.

It is not our ‘physical wealth’ but ‘mental health’ that
 makes us rich.

People always compare their gains with others. At the same time, they don’t keep any account of the efforts put in by them towards it.

It is not the efforts but the results that are always compared.

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