Thursday, 21 December 2017

Possibilitis in Adversities

Success seekers hardly wait for any good time. They sow and harvest in every season. All the seasons are springtime for them. Average people plan a lot and do little, they believe in too much of preparation before their attempt and many are captive of procrastinations.
In this world, there is no shortage of ideas and sometimes it is in excess too. People’s continuity in mediocrity is not due to lack of ideas but due to lack of will and courage to initiate actions against mediocrity.

Initiating an action, that too when results are uncertain, may not be so simple and easy. It requires more efforts to move from the state of inertia than to continue moving. It may show us all the reasons to omit than act. Action is nothing but an urge to change. It is common to resist changes because changes will demand detachment from comfort zones.

Those who resist changes are due for changes and those who reject innovation are due for self-renovation

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