Thursday, 7 December 2017

Possibilities in Adversitites

Parents, teachers, priest, or a leader must persuade others to dream high. Giving a dream to others is the visible evidence of possessing dreams. As discussed earlier, what we have within us only can be shared with others. It is obvious that anyone who allured our attention might have triggered some positive dreams or shared some failure stories to us and such influences might have affected us either way. The leaders who fail to give dreams to their followers will hardly be successful.

The success level of every leadership is decided by the size
of the dreams they share within the team.

Unlike animals, human beings are always in search of changes in their life. Their unending quest for changes only made them to transform themselves from the stone aged primitive man to the modern one. It is a long journey. Any relationships, system or philosophy that reduces the speed of that journey will attract rejections soon.

No relation can be memorable and long lasting until it
has a mix of dreams in it.

The dreams are like lanterns on the route to success. They kindle our route with enthusiasm. They make us believe in possibilities even in adversities.

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